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The Portpatrick Hotel was opened in 1905, designed by architect J.K. Hunter from Ayr. The village of Portpatrick is situated on the West Coast of the Rhins of Galloway, facing southwest towards Ireland. It lies at the mouth of a valley formed by the Dinvin Burn, providing easy access to the rest of Scotland. Portpatrick became important due to its location, commanding the shortest sea route from Ireland to Britain.

Portpatrick derives its name from St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland. According to legend, he crossed the channel in a single stride and left a deep footprint on a rock. Another legend tells of St. Patrick being attacked and beheaded while walking through Glenapp, but he picked up his head and walked back to Portpatrick, where he swam safely back to Ireland. The village also has associations with St. Patrick through a chalybeate spring known as St. Patrick’s Well and a pre-reformation chapel, Chapel Patrick. Book your stay at the best hotel in Portpatrick today.

The Portpatrick Hotel
The Portpatrick Hotel

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High above Portpatrick’s rugged cliffs, tastefully decorated, elegant rooms and suites with modern amenities offer welcoming calmness and relaxation. With views of the stunning coastline, fully-equipped rooms and suites come in an impressive choice of styles. The Portpatrick Hotel’s location, overlooking the amphitheater in which the old town lies snugly ensconced, provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere for you to unwind and enjoy your stay at our hotel in Portpatrick.


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Amidst the rugged cliffs of Portpatrick, The Portpatrick Hotel is a tranquil retreat where intuitive service meets Scottish hospitality. Our hotel boasts luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, and exceptional amenities. Our coastal retreat provides the ultimate escape.


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